Ionic Stone Nautilus
Steps Into Adriatic
Edge Conditions Between the Known & the UnKnown
Public Fountain, Vence
Convent Door
Tesla Semi(tryptic 1
Tesla Semi(tryptic 2
Tesla Semi(tryptic 3
Disney Performing Arts (Gehry
Disney Music Center, Frank Gehry
Disney Music Center 2, Frank Gehry
Edge Conditions, Goldsworthy, De Young Museum
Art Gallery Ontario Exterior Stair, Frank Gehry
Silo, Tuscany, Italia
Edge Conditions 17, Tkon, Croatia
Dawn on The Water, Dalmatian Coast
Art Gallery Ontario Exterior, Frank Gehry
Art Gallery Ontario Interior Stair, Frank Gehry
Toronto City Center, Ontario, Canada
mOOn, Joshua Tree, California
Annisquam, Cape Ann, Massachusetts
Edge Conditions, New Mexico
Cliff Dwelling, Mesa Verde, Colorado
Wheel Tracks in The Sand, California
Sand Dune, Central Coast, California
Fishnet Fence, Tkon, Croatia
Dune with Forking Paths, Central Coast, California
Sawblade Fence, Joshua Tree, California
May Creek, Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, Alaska
Dawn, Joshua Tree, California
Montain Range, Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, Alaska
Roden Crater, James Turrell, Arizona
Cable Tie Sculpture, BurningMan
Pyramid Mountain, Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, Alaska
Sunset, Joshua Tree, California
Moonrise, Joshua Tree, California
Home Base, Wrangell-St.Elias National Park, Alaska
Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California
2 mile marker, Central Coast Dunes, California
Iron Gate, Siena, Italia
Bedspring Fence with Skull, Mojave Desert, California
Dock Wrench, Tkon, Croatia
Farm Truck Door, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Fire Hose Standpipe
Edge Conditions, Pasman Island, Croatia
Green Door, Tkon, Croatia
Miro Mural, Foundation Maeght, St. Paul de Vence, France
Tractor Hood, Tkon, Croatia
Gate Manny, Jacmel, Haiti
Iron Hook, Blue Door (with Chalk, Jacmel, Haiti
Iron Latch with Yellow Check
Hvraska National RailCar, Split, Croatia
Blue Door, Alessandria, Italia
Iron Gate, Montevarchi, Italia
Perforated Copper Siding, de Young Museum, San Francisco, California
De Young Museum Copper Cladding, San Francisco, California
Graveyard Wall, Tkon, Croatia
Chiesa di Riola, Main Vault, Riola, Italia
Chiesa di Riola Nave (Alvar Aalto), Riola, Italia
De Young Museum, San Francisco, California
James Turrell, De Young Museum, San Francisco, California
Due Torre, Bologna, Italia
Diamond T Truck Hood, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Strada Privata, Urbino, Italia
Non bloccare le porte, Montevarchi, Italia
SteepDriveway, Urbino, Italia
Perforated Wood Door, Montevarchi, Italia
Convent Door (Wrapped, Montevarchi, Italia
Layered Fence, Tkon, Croatia
Lobster Trap, Gloucester Harbor, Massachusetts
Tethered Rock Bollard, Tkon Harbor, Croatia
Red Iron Door, Montevarchi, Italia
Steel Door, Montevarchi, Italia
Red Door with Black Iron, Alesandria, Italia
Construction Fence, Montevarchi, Italia
TED Dome with Lamp, BurningMan
Steps Into The Sea, Trieste, Italia
Drummer's Bell, Oakland, California
Turquoise Steel Door, Montevarchi, Italia
Orange Steel Gate, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Column Girder, Bologna, Italia
Bat Hitch Ring, Siena, Italia
Fishnet (Drying, Tkon, Croatia
Wild Salmon at Market, Vence, France
Wild Asparagus at Market, Vence, France
Rope & Iron Knots
Stone Street Drain, Alessandria, Italia
Fish Ornamental Steel Door, Zadar, Croatia
Iron Gate, UnLocked (with key, Montevarchi, Italia
Ornamental Iron Door, Dubrovnik, Croatia
Ornamental Blue Iron Gate (cut with Yellow, Montevarchi, Italia
Boat in Water, Zadar, Croatia
Boat Buoys, Annisquam, Massachusetts
Boat in Dry Dock, Gloucester, Massachusetts
Deconstructed Shipping Container, Joshua Tree, California
Barrel Tie-Rod, Occidental, California
Bliss Dancer, BurningMan
Construction Fence
Ice House
Harbor Dock (with knotted rope.
Harbor Piers
Gehry /Disney
Gehry Disney Performing Arts
Aalto, Chiesa di Riola
Alvar Aalto, Chiesa di Riola
Jim Jennings, Desert House II
Bicycle, Parked at the curb
West Village Student Housing
Joshua Tree National Park
Tin Siding
Grand Catedral
Wood Gate, with Hammered Steel Fittings
Cor-Ten Steel Window Frame, JT BOM
Ramblin' Rose
Josephine & Samantha
27 Shades of Rust, JT BOM
Screen, Scaffolding, Wall
Low Country Pond
Swan, Palace of Fine Arts (Maybeck
Agua Caliente Tribal Basket
Agua Caliente Tribal Basket in Hand
Mother Earth Sculpture
Water Tower Armature
Sunset Joshua Tree National Park
Campenile de Carlos Slim
Old Man, Young Photographers
The BurningMan 2013
Blue Ice Hook
Failed Coupling, Train Wreck
Cap Pond Ice House Flappers
Blue Boat Hull (CountDown
BurningMan Temple 2013
BurningMan Temple Perimeter 2013
SF-Oakland Bay Bridge De-Construction
Wind Power 2
27 Shades of Rust: Fire in The Hole
Tuscan Cacti (Villa di Richard Ingersoll
Board Formed Concrete with Vine
Farm House on a Hill
Oasis Lake
JT BOM Pensione
Boîte aux lettres
Monkey Business, BurningMan 2013
  Campanile  Sienna Italia
rEvolution 1 BurningMan 2015 (Marco Cochrane
rEvolution 6 BurningMan 2015 (Marco Cochrane
rEvolution 4 BurningMan 2015 (Marco Cochrane
rEvolution 3 BurningMan 2015 (Marco Cochrane
rEvolution 2 BurningMan 2015 (Marco Cochrane
rEvolution, De-constructed, Marco Cochrane
Light House (1 Foot Candle
The Road to BurningMan 2013
  The Cadence of Grass  Napa CA
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